Introduction to Google Workspace for Teachers

In a world with a tonne of supposed technological means to become a better teacher and educator, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly which means actually work. This course introduces teachers to Google workspace which is a tested, and undoubtedly proven productivity package that would aid you, as a teacher become;

  1. An undisputable Netizen,by introducing you to the use of the Google Chrome web browser, to help in Google account creations and management.
  2. An e- Communications expert, by acquainting you with the technicalities of Google Email.
  3. A master of your time, by bringing to your fingertips, the organizational features of the Google Calendar.
  4. An information collaborator and futurist par excellence, by grounding you in the rubrics of the Google Drive.

Having taken this course, your readiness and zeal for the use of the Google productivity tools would be well founded,creating an insatiable appetite to explore further into the Google workspace world.



  • Lectures 3
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 week
  • Assessments Yes