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About SAFLearn

SAFLEARN is a an e-learning product that has been packaged on our portable plug and play server . It allows access to structured educational content offline. SAFLEARN has been developed using the Nigerian Education Research Development Council curriculum . Our Content is richly made to aid learning in primary and secondary schools in the country. SAFLEARN also contains free educational modules like MOODLE, KHAN ACADEMY, WIKIPEDIA and lots more.

SAFLEARN is fully customizable to meet every of your needs with integrated analytics on your elearning environment.

SAFLEARN simplifies the distribution of academic-based content. It also provides an adaptable learning solution that integrates content management .


What makes us different and better

Quality Based Content

Our team of highly trained educationists and e-learning developers have developed rich contents structured specifically using the Nigerian Education Research Development Council Curriculum.

Multi-Media Content

We have highly engaging multi-media content built for teachers and students.

Preloaded Content

SAFLEARN is preloaded with multiple educational content for kids in primary and secondary which include : Wikipedia, Algebra2go, Edison,Moodle and lots more.

Content Upload

Teachers and administrators are provided with a secured portal to enable them upload their content


SAFLEARN offline mode allows for up to 50 simultaneous users. It also allows for remote access if connected to the internet


SAFLEARN has 500GB of storage space and allows users to upload up to 100GB of their content

Processor & Connectivity

Dual-core Intel processor with 4 GB of RAM and dual-band wireless router that works with devices with a 150 feet range

Battery Life

Our SAFLEARN server stays up to 8 hours after fully charged.


An advantage gained

  1. Access to quality contents developed by top-notch academics across the country.
  2. Access to content on the go.
  3. Offline access to content.
  4. Access to a wide range of learning resources.
  5. Our solution is cost effective . You can always subscribe to the package that fits into your budget


Flexible and affordable for all

Standard Serverless Premium Serverless Standard Server Premium Server
420k 520k 720k 880k
NERDC (Text)
Free Educational Resources
Inbuilt Wireless Capability
Plug and Play
Portable and can be mounted on the Wall
Battery powered
NERDC (Text, Animation, Video)
1 year support
Storage Size 500GB 500GB 500GB 500GB


We're here if you need us. Talk to us about your unique needs.

Our contact information:
  •   No 25 Ibadan Street, Area 3, Garki, Abuja
  •   +234(0)705 988 7123
  •   +234(0)803 592 9259
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